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The Complete Beginner’s guide to develop iPhone App

This year is proving to be a golden era for the business owners who provide mobile application development services. As iPhones are on a journey of updating every year, a new need for new application development is rising. People, especially the younger generation is very tech savvy and get constantly dependent on technology to get their work done.


In this article, we will target the new iOS application developers who commit some common mistakes in developing applications for iPhone. Keeping these points in view before starting to develop the applications, the application developers can make sure that they build a memorable application.

1. Plan before starting development

This is the common mistake that the application developers commit. They do not plan things beforehand and start developing the application. This makes the developers getting stuck in the middle of the application and they can’t complete the project on time. So, having proper documentation of what you are trying to achieve is very important.

2. Copied or incomplete apps will be rejected

Apple store has strict guidelines to which applications get published on the marketplace. This ensures that only quality applications make through the Apple app store. Apple app store is very different from Google app store. There is no room for substandard applications on the apple app store.

3. Quality of the application matters

As only the best applications make through the marketplace the applications are heavily priced. This ensures that the quality of applications is top-notch. This is the reason why only few applications make through the apple app store as compared to that of Google. The unoriginal and substandard applications get easily removed from the Apple app store thus maintaining the quality. As someone is paying you for the application, apple ensures you get the best apps available out there.

4. Having user’s point of view while developing

Having a user’s perspective on the application idea that you are having is very important. Even if you have an amazing application idea, it’s the user that can make an application a hit in the market. With a good word of mouth publicity, the application can reach to a point where it can get you massive returns.

5. Don’t limit the application to functionality

A feature rich application that is not user friendly is of no use. Limiting the idea of the application to the functionality only is the biggest mistake that the application developers do. This also depends upon the persona and background of the users who will use the application.

6. Testing is as important as development
Many application developers forget that testing is as important as developing the application. Both user acceptance testing and automation testing is important for the application. Several problems can arise in the live environment if the application is not tested properly. UAT at both alpha and beta level ensure that the application has met the requirements laid down by the user.

7. Don’t ignore any feedback

Many a times developers think that they know it all, which is not true. They need to understand the user’s perspective in developing an application. Any feedback from the users and in-house testers should be taken in positive light. This will ensure that the application thus developed is free from any minor bug that may have crept in the application.

So, the iOS application developers should keep the above things in mind before they start developing any application. This will ensure the application thus developed will be of high quality and will bring more business to the company. The client thus will be satisfied with services of a developer.


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