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How Mobile App Onboarding can help you increase user retention?

To increase the sign-ups and user retention your apps should be more user friendly. To get users onboard and to retain them the look and feel of your application should be elegant. To further promote this ideology single sign-on should be incorporated in your application. By doing this you make sure that the user gets into the application without filling large forms to sign-up.

How Mobile App Onboarding can help you increase user retention

Easy navigation and less resistance

Every app would have certain amount of resistance. Developers need to make sure that the first step or the very first impression of the application is made interactive and easy as possible. To break the resistance and decrease user resistance things like single sign-on using social media comes in handy. To further reduce the resistance there are certain parameters:

• Benefit Oriented: Highlighting the benefits of the application at the start of the application helps the user to decide early on.
• Highlighting Functionality: This strategy is adopted the apps for more technical users as they make their decision based on functionality of the application.
• Progressive: Educating the user in the very beginning of the application helps to increase the retention.
• Hybrid: In some applications, a combination of all the above strategies can help the user to decide.

Reduce fields required for sign-ups

To reduce the number of fields required to sign-up into the application, the application should take some hefty measures. One of the measure can be single sign-on using the email or social media accounts. If it is required for your application to have more details about the user, the sign-up form can be broken down into multiple screens.

Too much information should be avoided

It is a known fact that the people absorb more information if it is provided in chunks. For the service based application, it is important to highlight the benefits of the application before the user sign’s up for the application. Providing this information on multiple screens help user to absorb the information step by step.

Incorporating Visual Feedback

The apps that need to reinforce strict validation rules upon the user when he or she sign-ups for the application, should be made more user friendly. An effective way this can be done is by providing visual feedback to the information required by the application.

This helps user to quickly identify what went wrong in the sign-in process. This helps quicker user onboarding with less hassle.

Progressive approach for onboarding

This approach is effective for applications that involve a lot of user training. By following this approach the user can be guided to follow some certain steps to get used to application each time he logs-in into the application.

This type of interaction helps the user to learn rather than forcing to perform certain operations in the application. To make such interactions more user friendly auto-chat based applications can be integrated with application.

Don’t overdo the animation

The purpose of the animation should be defined whenever it is used in the application. Extensive use of animation without any purpose annoys the user. If the user is annoyed, he can leave the application without coming back again. Animations that helps to show certain progress in the application are liked by the user’s the most.

Test the app till users are satisfied

Beta testing helps to ensure that the users of the application are satisfied with the performance of application. An effective feedback strategy helps in this type of testing where feedback is used to make changes into the application.

By keeping the above points in mind the developers can develop the applications which have rich user experience. By creating a better user experience more users will sign up into the application. This helps business owners to increase their customer base and hence start making profits during time.


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