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Mobile App Development: Promoting and Marketing

It’s challenging enough to design a mobile application that it seems like such a big task knowing that it’s not enough. To have your application be successful, a brilliant design in itself can’t be enough – because if people don’t actually know about the app, who would witness that brilliance? To make your app stand out in the crowd of mobile applications is a big undertaking in itself – but, it does need to be done.

And as well-crafted your app is, your efforts to promote the app should be as fierce. Because a perfectly designed app deserves nothing less than a full fledged marketing effort on the part of the developer.

So, here are some of the ways and strategies in which you can promote your app:

Who’s Your Audience?
Probably nothing is more important than this. Knowing your target audience is paramount to any mobile application’s success. Knowing everything about your potential base, from demographics to their lifestyle, and then using these things to design an apt app for them is what you should aim for.

What’s Your Business Model?
A sound business model is what you would be looking for next. Amongst the many options that you have, right from having in-app advertising, in-app purchases, to having a paid application itself, you can choose any. But, it’s been seen that free apps are far more popular – almost like a norm – as compared to the paid apps, and for very obvious reasons. So, if you do decide on launching a free app, keep a check on the frequency of ads that pop-up in your app, because they inadvertently start annoying the user after a while. Not very good for the business, now is it?

Create a Website
Most developers wouldn’t think of launching a website – because who would log on to the website, when the app itself is giving the user all the information they need? Right? Wrong. Because you can only put so much content on an application. When it comes to letting people know about an app, the space itself puts a certain amount of restraint on how much you can really write, and the how creative you can be. That limitation fades away when you get a whole website to let your audience know about your app as well as your idea behind creating the app, better. With a well-designed website that has a catchy and informational landing page, you could knit a story for your audience to give an interesting and thorough understanding of your application.

Social Media Promotion
Social media is such a big tool to promote a product, that you can just not afford to ignore it. But, one isn’t too afraid of ignoring a social media site, or forgetting about one – the important thing is to be able to use these social media tools to their full potential. There are a lot of infographics doing the round on the Internet, giving a good idea of when to post on various social media platforms, and what should the frequency of these posts be. While this will work great in case of Facebook, Twitter, and the lot, there are other websites, such as Quora where you can answer questions or ask questions yourself, and market your application all the while. You will also find such websites and forums where you will get to have discussions as well as one-on-ones with not just your potential user base, but with fellow techies too. And this way, you will be able to have a large number of tools at your disposal and be able to make a good use of them too.

A Private Beta Launch
An-invite only beta is so much better than a public beta, because of sheer exclusivity itself that it’s able to provide to the product even before its release! It is always a good idea to launch a beta, so that you get to test your application by the actual users themselves. While a public beta would be open to a larger sample of that user-base, a private beta is introduced to a lesser group of people, making it more cost effective while ensuring the app’s quality as well. Naturally, it also works as a brilliant marketing tool, making the app gain additional visibility, and making it really stand out!


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