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Hosting one of the biggest mobile app markets of the world, Android operating system is a platform that has been home to the most creative, unique, and of course popular mobile applications out there. Revolutionizing the global market of mobile phone applications, it’s amazing the number of people that Android as a platform caters to. Be it smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and a host of other devices, there have been this operating system has been witness to some of the most path breaking applications.

And taking advantage of this amazing platform, I-PhoneAppDeveloper is an emerging Android application development agency that teams a professionally proficient and talented team of developers and software engineers, who have years of experience to back their skills up.


With a wide array of mobile applications in its bag, I-PhoneAppDeveloper has its clientele spread across globally. With more than 50% mobile phone users having Android operating system in their smartphones, I-PhoneAppDeveloper has made its place known in this really vast market. Startups and enterprises alike, this software development firm has served a huge list of clients, and built creative and user-friendly applications.

As the platform keeps growing, so does the level of service provided by I-PhoneAppDeveloper, and it does that by introducing new features and inculcating innovative ideas into every mobile project that it undertakes, and every mobile app that it gets developed.

We are the best android developer because

Our android development services are a perfect blend of high performance, quick loading, excellent UI/UX and great functionality. We have proven our efficiency via sheer excellence and quick services with each project. Apps that we develop are robust, scalable and multi-dimensional. Delivering excellence each time has won us clients across the globe and 100% client satisfaction is a record achievement we have to our credit.



Robot: Limitless IQ Infinity Smart Robot Company is positioned as a "professional robot sales service provider"

We will provide you with a wide range of professional robot R & D information to our users through LimitlessIQ.com (Smart Robotics Network) and through our professional business team agent, We will build a complete robot information, access, education system and a variety of robot creative competitions, so that the robot more quickly into our lives, enjoy the robot to bring human Convenient, and with all of our partners to share the growth of the robot industry.



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Taiwan Taxi

Taiwan Taxi

On demand taxi service in Taiwan and Taiwan's largest fleet for Taiwan's first brand of taxi dispatch companyTaiwan's large fleet daily service of about 350,000 passengers, the daily line to send the platform to call the car more than 120,000, the current number of vehicles accumulated in the province More than 1 million units, the market share of up to 19%, the scope of services throughout the whole of Taiwan

Taiwan Taxi


I am the president and founder Hazmat consulting located at United States. I am commenting today the quality and professionalism demonstrated by the team at I-PhoneAppDeveloper. They developed my app called “Hazmatfun”. They worked for mobile application development for both Android and iOS with top notch and their skills and technologies are as good. I found them available to answer questions and their created solutions. Their particular skills for solving one particular issue that proved to be very important to user friendliness of the application which I found extremely helpful. They came up with the ideas. I would definitely recommend them in future and I will use them in future application development process. They are highly recommended.

  • Richard Reddy

    Founder, HazMatfun.

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