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Developing a Mobile Application Native or Cross-Platform?

Being a mobile application developer, you have to write a lot of code and make something that not only makes sense, but is quite interesting too. And it takes a lot of work in getting a task like this done. Because after the app has been perfected, you need to look after the business side of the things.

But everything – even the writing of the code – it comes afterwards. First, you have to take the decision, as to what kind of applications is yours going to be – native, or cross platform?

A native app is the one that you only make code for, for a single platform. So, you might have an application that would work for Android, and that app would not work on iOS. A cross platform app, on the other hand, has its code written in a way that makes it viable for more than one platform. So you app could function at iOS, Android, and even Windows – or any two of them, and be called a cross platform app.

But, how doe one know which kind to really go for? So, here we have come up with a few ways to help you decide the same:

Target Market Size

If you create a code that would run on iOS, Android, and even Windows – you’ll obviously have a mobile application that would get across to a larger market size, compared to the target market of an app that has been specifically created or a single platform. And so, this is one area where cross platform apps score a point over the native applications.

Quality of the Application

While quality of a mobile application is very much in control of the developer, the other fact is that native applications do tend to be better in their quality than their counterparts. It is quite self evident, because efforts are focussed on one platform only, and that focus becomes a precursor to creating something that’s near perfection. A cross platform app on the other hand, would have the developer dealing with different kinds of complexities pertaining to different platforms. That really becomes a challenge then, to have an application that would work on all interfaces, well.

Monetary Aspect

In terms of money, both cross platform as well as native mobile applications have their own niches which help them earn. If it’s quality that we think about, then it’s the native applications that win, hands down. So, for example, people using Apple phones seldom miss having certain applications, because most of the ones they have work beautifully But, if we’re looking at this fro the point of view of applications being compatible with multiple platforms, then it’s the cross platform apps that would take the cake away. Also, because the code for a cross platform app is written once, that goes well for all the platforms, it does prove to be a bit cost effective in nature too.

So, these are a few ways to decide on what kind of code you’d like to write, and hence what kind of application to really go for – native or cross platform. The choice is yours!


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