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How Do These On-Demand Local Food Delivery Startups and Apps Work?

A great fact about the food delivery business is that it is a whopping $70 billion market. But, out of that $70 billion, the online business accounts for only $9 billion which is roughly 13 percent. In the digital era that we’re living in today, what is it that a local food delivery app needs to be perfect? What do you do after you’ve decided to have a food delivery startup? How do you make an app that makes people order food online?

Design of the App
The design of your app should be able to fulfil the main aim behind your product, which in this case is getting food ordered by and delivered to your customers in a hassle-free manner. So, the process should be fairly simple for the users to get acquainted with. After they log in, your customers should be able to scroll through the list of restaurants near them, select the one they like, then take a look at the menu they’re serving, repeat the process till they don’t find the right combination of restaurant and food – and finally place their order.

Restaurant Database
This again is going to be an important part of your app. But it’s also the easiest one. You’ll need to harvest all the data on the restaurants from all over the city or place that your local delivery app would give its service in. Your app would require you to have all the restaurant names, their menus, photographs of their food items as well as the restaurant interiors, and some other tidbits like cost for 2 people eating in, parking available or not, wifi or no wifi, etc. to be listed.

A Seamless Map Integration
Without a proper map integration, how would your customers ever find the nearest restaurants, or the restaurants able to place the customer’s location correctly? A food delivery app like yours would need a very reliable system like Google Maps to integrate with. It will even help your customers track their orders, and know when their food has left the kitchen and is on its way to them.

Payment Integration
Your app users should have the option of paying for their food online, with a choice of all the popular payment methods we have today – net banking, paying through debit or credit card, wallet payment (Paytm, Mobikwik, etc.), and so on. They should also be given the choice on paying for their food after it’s delivered, through cash on delivery. Especially for an app in India, COD will prove to be a very important payment option.

Before you go through implementing your food delivery app, do have a precise business model in your mind. This will act as a blueprint for you, so that you don’t get distracted from your exact business goals. Your business will have four important pillars that it will stand on – the end customers who order food, the cafes and restaurants who make that food available, the couriers who will get the food delivered from the restaurant to the customers, and finally your app that will connect all of them together. With any one of the pillars going down, you will find your app stumbling to find its ground.

Therefore, you’ll need to have a definitive plan, and support that plan with a strong research and a great mobile app design.


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