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How can taxi booking App development save your business?

With more and more people using smart phone these days, the need for the application development for booking is in high demand these days. The applications on mobile cater a wide range of audience. These applications should be made user friendly so that more and more people use this app to book for travel or food. The needs of the users on mobile change rapidly so only rapid mobile application development can save the business.

Popularity of the Taxi booking applications

With the average use of the smart phones increasing day by day, the need for booking applications on mobile is on rising. People want quick services where they can get a taxi within minutes of booking. Developing a taxi booking application is not easy as it looks. With the concept of demand to supply in place, building taxi booking application can become difficult. The taxi booking applications like Ola and Uber need talented developers to do the changes into the application at a very fast pace to meet the business logic.

Quality of a Taxi booking application

  • The quality of a taxi booking application comes down to ease of use. Compatibility of the application on different platforms is also one of the factors. The free availability of the application on the major mobile platforms like android and iOS is also required.
  • There are two major Taxi cab aggregators in India currently in business. These businesses have their own applications on both Android and iOS. They are in constant need to upgrade the quality of their applications to provide a seamless user experience.
  • Once the user is done with the sign-up process, giving him attractive offers to book the cab is one of the marketing strategies that these businesses use. The feedback of the user after they have taken the ride also help to improve the quality of the application.

Some of the features of the Taxi application on the mobile platform are:

Features for the end-user

  • Signup/Login forms
  • User details
  • Start and end location
  • Driver contact
  • Map View
  • Payment gateway
  • Ride details
  • Cancel Ride
  • Ride feedback form

Driver side features

  • Signup/Login forms
  • Driver Details
  • Accept or Reject the ride
  • Map view to navigate to the destination
  • Trip details
  • Trip payment
  • Payment notification

How the applications run?

  • Tap to set the pickup location with map view
  • Enter the destination
  • Confirm ride
  • Map shows the journey details while you are in the cab
  • Best route will be displayed with expected arrival time

Why customers find taxi applications convenient?        

Customers are always looking for options which are quick and light on their wallet. The taxi cab booking applications provide the combination of both features. Also with the banking system gone online people tend to do all their monetary transactions online using the payment gateways.

So, taxi booking applications on the mobile have provided a whole new ecosystem for the business owners. Both business and customers are benefited in such an environment.


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