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Rejoice As Android Studio 2.1 IDE Makes Android N Development Easy

After marshmallow, a new android mobile operating system with a codename Android “N” is already in the offing. Its developer preview version released on 9th march this year. Now of course, the first thing on our minds is building apps for this new update and helping customers make the most out of it.

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Why Is Contextual Design The Key To A Successful App?

Whether it is iPhone app development or android app development, the success of this application depends on its impact on the user. An app that is user centered and caters to user requirement as if it has read the user’s mind extends to the users a magical experience.

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First Whatsapp Then Facebook Bids Adieu to Blackberry

Have iPhone and Android devices left blackberry behind, thanks to the highly competitive application development marketplace? News about Whatsapp dropping support for BBS, created a flutter amongst technology enthusiast and immediately several deductions started doing rounds. In a latest development, Facebook has decided that it will follow suit, tread the Whatsapp way and drop support for blackberry device. This comes as disheartening news for the legacy blackberry OS or BB 10 users.

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Interesting New iOS 10 Features That We Would Like To See

iOS 10 is in the offing, and its release is touted to be around the same time when apple releases the iPhone 7. Cut off limit for iOS 9 update is iPhone4 and iPad2, for the latest iOS 10 update, the company might put the cutoff on iPhone 5 and iPad 3. However, our concern here is; what changes we want or think are likely in the iOS10 roll out. Let’s have a look:

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What makes PhoneGap a popular mobile app development framework?

Development of apps for the mobile devices has become a priority for all types of businesses. However, the challenges are aplenty, as devices come in varied screen sizes and with various operating systems like iOS, android, windows etc. In this scenario, PhoneGap; an open source mobile app development framework is making its presence felt.

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Why Your Android Application Needs to Be Ready For Marshmallow Update?

The biggest and the best mobile OS platform got better as Google rolled out the Marshmallow update. Now as numerous mobile devices get upgraded to marshmallow, this will surely have its implications on the functioning of applications that were developed for lollipop and its previous versions. This particularly holds true for the consumer and enterprise applications, which utilize the features that have changed/improved with the marshmallow version.

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Smart Development Tactics for a Successful iPhone Application

Today, in the age of smartphones, every person aspires to own an iPhone. The IOS market is growing and giving a tough competition to Android. When we look at the numbers, Android leads the way, and yet, iPhone applications generate 85% more revenue than Android apps. As a result, businesses and enterprises are targeting the iPhone user and are investing in iPhone application development.

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