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Is your enterprise app exposed to hacking?

Do you know there are around 2.6 billion smartphone users worldwide? (Source) Past few years have seen a tremendous growth in the mobile usage. Many businesses have embraced mobile apps to explore more avenues and reach out to their clients. In fact, mobile apps are widely used as a medium to enhance business productivity by keeping each stakeholder on the same page.

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iOS or Android – The Big question for Businesses!

Selecting right technological platform for app is perhaps the hardest part in mobile app development process. Many appreneurs have constant dilemma in their mind. Picking up either iOS or Android, is kind of a million-dollar question for them. Failing to choose the right platform can have adverse impact on app monetization policies.

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Top Mobile App Development Trends to Watch for in 2017

The app market is experiencing a boom. According to an estimate, there are over 4 million apps across major app stores. These numbers are constantly soaring up. Over thousand new apps are added to App Store, daily. The year 2016 saw a surge in cloud-based apps and services.

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Things to consider before developing Business mobile apps

Mobile apps in today’s time is at the heart of any business. It is therefore very important to know a few things before developing mobile apps. These apps are not only used professionally but are also used for personal things such as shopping etc. So here is a list of dos and donts you have to consider before going ahead with making a mobile app.

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How to make your App popular in the App store

App store is the mall of tech world; no surprise though, as there are almost 2,500 apps being submitted to the iTunes app store daily. And Apple’s App store is a huge one at that and the only unique one that has millions and millions of iOS users on earth. The only distribution platform for any app is the app store.

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Hire iOS Developer

Demand for IOS now a day is continuously increasing; it is more than just operating system. The main reason for that is apple is the most trusted brand in the world of technology. Since its inception every time it comes with new idea.

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5 advantages of Android development that Start-ups need to know

Android is the new name of revolution and it undoubtedly occupies huge chunk of the technology market today. There are millions of users of Android worldwide as Google famously has stated that there are approximately 1.5 billion + Android users globally who are active and who are downloading 2 billion apps every month.

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I am the president and founder Hazmat consulting located at United States. I am commenting today the quality and professionalism demonstrated by the team at I-PhoneAppDeveloper. They developed my app called “Hazmatfun”. They worked for mobile application development for both Android and iOS with top notch and their skills and technologies are as good. I found them available to answer questions and their created solutions. Their particular skills for solving one particular issue that proved to be very important to user friendliness of the application which I found extremely helpful. They came up with the ideas. I would definitely recommend them in future and I will use them in future application development process. They are highly recommended.

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